Deck Oiling Brisbane

Let’s face it. Nothing looks as good as a well oiled and polished timber deck. The timber boards look beautiful while its natural grains stand out against the green of your outdoor space. The perfect addition to your home and the go to venue for all those late night dining and barbecues. In the commercial spaces, timber decks give out that elegant, professional and pristine look that other flooring materials simply cannot match. You could not have been more satisfied with your decision to install the timber deck last year. It has been the best decision you made.

Deck Oiling Brisbane
Wooden Deck Restoration

However, you have begun to notice some distinct changes on it of late. The coating does not look as lustrous as it did. The timber deck seems to have suffered quite some damage from the Australian sun. You can see some patches of faded color here and there. Coupled with the moisture from below, some timber boards have warped and others have splintered. If you are seeking to restore the glistening look to your timber floor, then look no further.

At Moreton’s timber floor sanding, we offer premium and guaranteed Brisbane timber floor sanding, polishing and oiling services. Serving residential units and commercial zones in the Redlands area as well as in the Brisbane QLD region, we are represented by our deck oiling Brisbane team of experts who are known for attention to detail and quality service. Over our 25 years of experience in the industry, Brisbane residents have taken advantage of our affordable yet quality services. This is thanks to our application of competitive market pricing rates.

Choose the leading timber deck business in the Brisbane suburbs to restore your floors to their previous spectacular and original glory. Take advice from the top rated company when it comes to timber deck restoration. Call us today and get a free quote for guaranteed and efficient work. You read it here first, all rights reserved!

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    Guaranteed Brisbane Deck Services

    Our deck floor sanding Brisbane specialists recommend a packaged service to restore your floors to the best possible condition. Our specialists use only the latest tools and equipment in every job and only use the best oils based products for your deck.

    Comprehensive wooden deck sanding

    If you are after those stunning cork or parquetry flooring, it all starts here, with timber floor sanding. Despite what is commonly known, wooden deck sanding is a necessary evil for a great looking floor. For a comprehensive job, the process requires a professional team with the practical knowledge and the equipment to do so.

    By making use of the correct tools, our capable and qualified work men will ensure every grain of dirt, mould, grit and rotten timber fibers are removed. Whether your wooden deck is made of hardwood, softwood or pressure treated lumber, the appropriate sanding equipment and method will be used.

    Our specialists are committed to adhering to the highest timber deck sanding standards. To top it off, all our sites are treated with the utmost care and with accordance to work safety regulations. Our trained timber experts wear safety equipment gear at all times while on the work site. Every member of our team is full insured to ensure that no liability falls on our clients.

    Choose your desired Brisbane deck look

    Deck oiling is the second step of our recommended package service. This is because wooden deck sanding removes a thin layer of your timber floors. To restore the natural sheen and tannin lost in the cleaning process, we need to make use of special solvent oil. The oil also serves to protect your timber floors from moisture reducing any future warping, splintering and cupping of your timber floors.

    After our deck sanding specialists have thoroughly sanded your floor, the next decision will be the type of oil finish that you want. From our experience as a top rated deck oiling Brisbane, we have in our stock a wide range of natural oil finishes for you to choose from. Do you love a natural oil finish? Or do you want your timber floors to have a more nautical look? Whatever your choice, only the highest quality deck oiling products are available to our Brisbane clients.

    You must remember that our Australian sub tropical weather is not the best friend for your timber decks. To maintain that great polished timber floors look, our experienced timber deck specialists recommend that you schedule periodic sanding and polishing services. With our guaranteed quality workmanship and competitive market prices, you are assured of value for money services every time you call on us. Whether it is through phone call or email, make contact today and will have your timber decks in looking glam and excellent.

    Moreton's additional Timber flooring services

    If you are restoring your deck for the first time, it is first recommended that a thorough analysis be done on your timber deck. This is so as to establish the correct and most efficient decking service. Though timber is a durable flooring product, it is susceptible to wear and tear. Moisture, the strong Australian sun and mould are just some of the agents responsible for deterioration on your timber deck. When called upon, our Brisbane timber specialists will perform an extensive investigation of your floors. As the leading deck oiling business in the Qld area, we take it as our professional responsibility to provide only the appropriate solution to our clients.

    Wooden deck installation

    Due to the extensive damage or obsolescence on your wooden deck, our package of deck sanding and oiling services might not be the answer to your problems. Though it might be slightly more expensive than a floor sanding or oiling service, a complete new installation of a wooden deck might be what your house or commercial business needs. But do not worry, our timber experts have got you covered. You might want a similar deck installed. That is no issue. Our well trained and experienced work men are a well of knowledge thanks to their vast experience in all things timber. Their competency and quality of workmanship is second to none.

    You might want to change things up. Over the years, we have grown our catalog of timber decks with different timber species and specifications. You will have a diverse array of great and different decks to choose from. Contact us today for a immaculate and stunning deck from the number one authority for all Brisbane timber deck services.

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