Indooroopilly renovation

One of our floor sanding clients this week completing a high end restoration of a Queenslander wanted anything but the traditional honey yellow pine floor. After some options were discussed, a white wash was settled on to prevent the floor going yellow while not looking as though the timber flooring had been painted with wall paint. The generator was delivered to provide suitable power for the duration of the site. After the timber floor boards were re punched and rough & fine sanded the final buffing process was completing the floor sanding process. The first coat of stain was applied. After multiple coats the floor and stair case was left to cure to a beautiful white semi-gloss finish. When it comes to excellent timber flooring Carina, Wynnum, Alexandra Hills, Capalaba, Wellington Point, Victoria Point, & Manly you can count on Moretons Timber Floor Sanding.

24 thoughts on “Indooroopilly renovation”

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