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The variety of finishes available for timber floor sanding and cork flooring can be confusing to many consumers. Hard wax oils, Oil Modified Urethane’s, Solvent & Water Borne Polyurethanes. Predominantly Water & Solvent Borne finishes are used to complete most timber and cork floors due to their low maintenance & resistance to wear. We are number one provider/services of wood flooring Victoria Point, Carindale, Carina, Alexandra Hills, Capalaba, Redlands, Wellington Point, Manly, Wynnum, and Brisbane wide.

Water borne polyurethane

With major development and access to world leading product water borne finishes are making a large impact on the Australian market. Waterborne product was generally selected for use due to its low odour and quick drying times. Now it is selected for its optimal adhesion, minimal side bonding, clarity, extremely good resistance to wear & chemicals along with its well-known low odour and quick drying times. Water borne coatings will darken slightly with age. Water Borne finishes are replenish able with a maintenance coat when required. The advantages of this product have now overcome the higher cost associated with the product which we now see reflected in the growing request for these products.

Solvent borne polyurethane

The most common of flooring finish with its characteristic full body gloss, grain enhancing warmth, long wearing and a smell that will take your head off has been the mainstay of the flooring industry for many years. However its popularity is slowly dropping due to a growing demand for a more environmentally friendly finish and a shift away from the high gloss finish that requires almost daily cleaning. The low cost and true high gloss of the product will ensure that it keeps a share of the market.

Hard wax oils

Hard wax oils are made of a combination of vegetable oils, natural resins, beeswax and least aggressive solvents available. The oil and wax combinations are made on a base of natural, sustainable raw materials including linseed oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, carnauba and candelilla wax.
Hard wax oils are micro-porous which allows the timber to breath, this means climate changes are accommodated. The full body finish does not create a skin so each board can move individually without the concern of edge bonding. They will not flake, blister or peel and tend to be non-yellowing. The hard wax oils will enhance the grain of the timber, all while keeping the natural timber feel.
Hard wax oils are replenish-able with a maintenance coat.

Timber Stains

Direct staining timber flooring using a spirit based stain will dramatically change the colour and shading of the floor. The process involves preparing the flooring up to coating stage then applying one or multiple coats of the selected colour until the depth and of the colour is satisfactory. The floor is then left to dry and the following day the selected coating system applied. Advantages of direct staining are a continuous even colour across the floor with the individual grain & character still being visible through the coating. This process can be expensive if a large area is to be stained.

Tinting & liming

Liming timber floor boards or parquetry can give a uniquely different look and feel to a common timber floor or create a real beach house feel. An alternative to the using a direct dark stain to hide replaced floor boards as in the example picture below. By staining this floor White this traditional smaller Queenslander opened up and took on a l lighter feel.

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