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Do you wish to achieve a beautiful floor for your new building or home? Or, are looking forward to renewing your existing floor by sanding them? Moretons will help you achieve all that you desire. We have a perfect flooring plan that’s unique and caters to suit your needs. We are known for our premium quality timber floor sanding and cork flooring in Brisbane. Do you have a tight budget? Don’t fret! We at Moretons, offer competitive rates and also tailor a system to fit in your budget, fulfilling all your flooring requirements and without compromising on the quality.  We believe in providing quality flooring services and the best customer service to our clients. Put your trust in Moretons and in return, we will give your home a pristine look.

Services Offered By Moretons:

  • Luxurious Cork Flooring Brisbane

Do you want to achieve a luxurious cork flooring in Brisbane? Moreton’s cork flooring Brisbane should be your ideal choice. With a variety of styles and sizes available, you will be able to achieve your glamorous and long-lasting dream floor. Moreton’s cork flooring Brisbane focuses on installing high-quality cork tiles made from the bark of the cork oak. A team of skilled individuals at Moretons, uses the latest methods of installation and finishing, modern products, equipment and restoration techniques to give a clean, new and fresh look to your floor. It requires low maintenance and moreover, it’s a 100% environment-friendly option. That’s impressive, isn’t it?

  • Timber Flooring Installation 

Timber flooring is recommended as the best choice by many.  A high quality timber floor is not only durable but also tough. It is easy to clean as well as healthy. Moreover, it doesn’t trap dust, making it an ideal choice. Are you looking forward to getting Timber flooring installed for your site? Known for its best quality services, Moretons is the leading supplier of timber flooring in Brisbane. It is also a proud member of the Australian Timber Flooring Association. We provide a perfect flooring solution for your space to achieve the best look. Do you want to get stunning timber flooring installed? Then, make a call to Moretons and we shall handle the rest. We will make sure to install excellent quality timber flooring that you are sure to fall in love with. 

  • Timber Floor Sanding

Do you wish to revive the newly installed timber flooring or utilize the existing timber flooring? Whatever you wish for, all will be efficiently taken care by Moretons. Our timber floor sanding services will fulfill all your desires. Our professional team has a wide experience in timber floor sanding. Timber floor sanding will even out the surface of the floor, making it more resistant to dust. It repairs the floor and gives a brand-new look to the floorings. Before applying the coatings, our well-experienced team will analyse your floor, choose the right solution and prepare your timber floor for the best quality results enough to impress you. 

  • Floor Polishing

Do you want to keep your floors shiny and presentable? Then, you should consider polishing your floor. Timber floor polishing should be done at least once a year. Over time, your floor might lose its shine and in turn, become rough and unattractive. Such floor looks unpresentable. Your floor might even look shabby. And that’s gross, isn’t it? Floor polishing helps to get rid of scratches and keeps the shine of your floor intact for a longer period of time. It will also make the old and gritty floors look like a new one again. Moretons uses good quality coatings to polish your floor that lasts long. 

  • Engineered Flooring

Engineered flooring is highly popular these days due to its stability. This flooring is also resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity.  Engineered flooring does not require much maintenance. Most importantly, it does not swell. Engineered flooring is constructed with many layers of wood and each of this layer is positioned in a different direction for best results. The top layer is of solid wood. Moretons gives an option to choose from prefinished or raw boards, each having its own advantages. Whatever you choose to have, you can be assured of the quality and service with Moretons. 

  • Parquetry Flooring

Do you wish to renovate the flooring of your home or building? Parquetry flooring is one of the most popular floorings. It gives a decorative effect to your flooring making it attractive. Parquetry flooring requires low maintenance. Moreover, it is easy to clean, budget-friendly option, durable and free of allergen. Parquetry flooring gives an unusual visual effect. It is durable and can last long if taken proper care. This flooring is sure to bring back the lost charm and allure to your home. It will give your home a fresh and new look. At Moretons, you can choose from varieties of patterns and styles for your new home or residence. Make your space a wonderful and beautiful place to live with Moretons. 

Why Moretons? Cork Flooring Brisbane

  • Moretons aims to provide quality product and excellent customer service. 
  • It is the leading supplier of excellent quality timber floor sanding and cork flooring in Brisbane.
  • Customers have trust in our services and us.
  • Our enthusiastic team works endlessly to make your dream a reality.
  • Our team treats your home or building as if it is our own.
  • We start and finish our work on time, without compromising on the quality. 
  • Our team has over twenty years of experience in timber sand flooring and cork flooring Brisbane. 
  • Our professional standards and craftsmanship of our team is what that makes us stand out from our competitors. 

We all want to have those perfect floors, which are shiny as well as attractive. Our building or house stand out from others if we have shiny floors. As our home ages, floor also starts getting cracked. Only trained professionals will be able to effectively bring our floors back to life. 

Look no further! Make a call to us now and book an appointment to make your home beautiful home.

 At Moreton’s, we supply and install high quality cork flooring in Brisbane. Our experienced and professional team use the latest methods of installation and finishing, combined with modern coating systems, to offer clean clear and highly durable finishes. Using modern equipment, products and restoration techniques, we are now able to rejuvenate decades-old flooring back to its original beauty. Being a low maintenance floor covering, it only requires a re coat every 8 to 12 years. If a floor is damaged or neglected, we can easily re-sand it. This is a process of removing the old coatings and applying a new coating system.

Customers with existing cork flooring often comment on how they have never broken a plate or cup dropped on  the floor, the ability to retain warmth in winter and cool in summer, the ease at keeping it clean and just how beautiful it appears. What may will not know is cork contains natural suberin, a wax like substances that prevents resists moisture, rot and pests. Cork tiles are made from the bark of the cork oak which is harvested from the same trees, many  of these are hundreds of years old. Making cork a truly renewable resource.

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