Deck Repairs Brisbane

A beautiful deck either on your patio or beside your pool is what completes a home in the Brisbane suburbs. Just take a walk down your street and you will discover that it is a common feature in not only homes but also the local businesses. You would, therefore, think that it should be a priority for residents to maintain their timber decks so they stay in top condition. Due to lack of proper and regular maintenance, the old decking becomes quite unsafe with rotted timber joints and boards. Before you know it, the damage is irreversible and you would be required to install a whole new timber deck.

Banish thoughts of a whole new Brisbane decking. When most owners think of completely overhauling their decks, a simple yet thorough deck repair assessment and service by a leading timber decking restoration team is what they truly need. And who is the leading deck restoration company in the Brisbane Qld as well as the Redlands area?

Deck Repairs Brisbane

With over 25+ years of experience offering deck timber Brisbane repair services, there is no company more qualified than Moretons in the entire Queensland area. Having restored many a Brisbane deck to their former glory, we will advise you on the necessary materials and finish required. For all your timber deck repairs, sanding and oiling needs, contact Moretons for that specialized repair service that will give your deck a lasting solution. Our quality and premium services are charged at competitive market pricing rates making them very affordable. Contact us today and get a free quote.

Brisbane Deck Repairs

Bring that luster back to your Brisbane decks

Timber decking in Brisbane is and will forever be part and parcel of our culture. It is considered a valuable outdoor space where the periodic family gatherings are held and deals are closed over cold drinks. The beautiful Australian weather just calls for you to enjoy the day outside.

It, therefore, comes naturally, that you would want the right Brisbane deck builder team to restore your deck to what it once was. Moretons provides a wide range of services: deck sanding, oiling, deck repairs, and maintenance among many others. Our well trained and experienced decks builders are the best team in the region and offer superior service that is tailor-made to your needs.

Worried that your decking has taken too much damage from the elements? Not to worry. Our decking experts are top of their line and there is no task too hard for them. Using the latest repairs and renovation techniques be assured that our deck repairs service will meet your needs.

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    Deck Repairs issues

    • Water damage and wood rot

    Any timber deck owner will tell you that these two things don’t go together: timber and water. And true, any timber deck builder worth his salt knows all too well. Decking is usually treated with a water sealant finish to keep away dampness and reduce the probability of any rotten timber joints, boards or stairs. It is expected for owners to maintain regular deck maintenance schedules for their decks to be resealed. However, if such problems arise, our deck sanding and repair experts will re-treat the wood to counter future issues or in some cases replace the affected parts.

    • Warped and cracked timber boards

    This is a common issue associated with timber decks often caused by impact by a heavy object or location of a weight object over time. Though it seems like an easy repair job, we usually ask homeowners and business owners not to do it themselves due to the possible mishaps associated with such a job. Fixing of timber boards usually involves removing of the timber fastenings. Nails and screws are typically involved which might cause can an injury. At Moretons, our team has the right safety gear and use the appropriate tools for the job.

    • Structural Issues

    At times, there might be faulty or poorly installed beams or joists causing your deck to be unstable and unsafe. This is a typical case after a big storm or just extended time. If you feel as though your timber deck is wobbly, call upon the dedicated and committed team at Moretons to carry out a thorough inspection and offer professional advice on the way forward.

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    Looking for master deck builders in Brisbane? Your search has come to an end. Moreton’s is the Brisbane deck builders business, trusted and relied upon by locals and business owners to restore their decks. Contact us today and get professional and quality deck repairs service at an affordable price. Bring your timber decks to life with Moretons!

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