Deck Maintenance Brisbane

A timber deck is a great investment to any home or office space. There is a certain type of elegance and finesse that is brought by its natural brown beauty. That’s why it is such a pain to see your indoor or outdoor deck floor wasting away slowly. The brown timber boards have faded to a grey color and the coating is peeling off. Alternatively, your timber decks might be suffering from staining that occurs from beverages and other harsh cleaning products.

Before taking that rash step to completely pull up your timber deck and installing a new one, have you considered Timber Deck Maintenance Brisbane?

Deck Restoration Brisbane
Deck Maintenance Brisbane

All that your timber deck could require is the application of the proper decking restoration and maintenance service and you would be good to go. And who better to return your timber deck to its proper glory than Moretons, the leading Brisbane and Redlands business in deck sanding and oiling. Decking services are our speciality at Moretons thanks to our 25+ years of experience offering deck repairs and floor sanding service to locals and business owners in the area.

From oiling a deck to deck sanding, we are the professional deck experts who relied upon time and time again to provide quality services. All our professionals on the Moretons deck restoration team are well-trained, qualified and licensed to provide exceptional and customer oriented service. For that superior finish on your indoor or outdoor space, we use the best available products to ensure your home has that beautiful, complete look.

For the most reliable and guaranteed deck maintenance service that Queensland has to offer, call upon the deck restoration masters at Moretons. Don’t make that decision without seeking the advice of the top name in the industry. Contact us today and choose from our broad range of services.

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    The need for Brisbane Deck maintenance

    Timber decks are situated in the common places in a house or office space due to their aesthetic appeal. A subsequent effect of that is high traffic flow. Your decks would be the recipient of a lot of abuse over time and that should come as no surprise. Due to the higher than normal wear and tear rate, deteriorating of the quality of your Brisbane decks is only a matter of time. It is then that you realize the unappealing and battered picture that your timber floors now present.

    But that now is a thing of the past thanks to the experienced crew at Moretons. We have installed, repaired and renovated hundreds of homes in the Brisbane and Redlands area and we would be more than willing to come and do the same for you. Remember that our services are offered at competitive market rates making our quality service available to many if not all residents in the Qld region. Contact us today via mail or phone and get a free quote for our deck maintenance service.

    All-inclusive maintenance service

    Before any deck oiling or deck sanding techniques are applied to your timber decks, our Qld professionals will first conduct a thorough examination of your decks. From our experience, we know how unforgiving the Australian weather can be on your decking, especially on your patio decks. The hot sun coupled with the frequent shower storms are responsible for various issues on your decks.

    The process will begin with a check that there is no structural damage on your patio. Our timber floor sanding experts are quite knowledgeable and will inspect all joints, beams and stairs to ensure that our deck maintenance is the best service available to you. As the leading industry in the market, we take is as our pride to offer the correct advice to our clients so that they can make an informed decision. Now you know why we are the leading deck repairs and maintenance business in Brisbane.

    Once we have established that you do not need a new deck, we shall apply our latest techniques and tools on your timber stairs, rotten timber boards and handrails. For that complete look, we usually insist on deck sanding and oiling.

    What we remind our Brisbane and Redlands clients is to always protect their investment. To do so, they need to take advantage of our regular deck maintenance service. We can schedule regular inspections and renovations to your timber decks.

    Show your timber deck some love

    Your home is your fortress and go to place for relaxation and comfort. Don’t let the tired look of your old deck distract you from that. Call in the leading timber deck restoration and sanding business in Brisbane and the Redlands area. Give the qualified and experienced crew at Moretons a chance to bring the flair back to your floors.

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