Deck Restoration Brisbane

A Brisbane timber deck is a beautiful investment to any home or commercial space. It adds a certain touch and coziness to any room or space. That’s why our timber decking experts are usually called upon to install them throughout Brisbane QLD as well as the Redlands area. A timber deck however needs to thoroughly maintained and monitored to ensure that it is safe for use. The strong Australian sunshine coupled with frequent storms and ever persistent termites are the agents of a mishap. That’s why we recommend our timber deck maintenance service offered by our decking experts. Thanks to their many years in the field, they are aware of any and all signs of a deck in need of deck repairs.

Deck Restoration Brisbane
Timber Decking Restoration Brisbane

Decking repairs

The first sure signs of a deck in dire need of repairs are wobbly or spongy timber boards. These could be signs of water seepage or action of some other element. Continuous use of such a deck may cause the worsening of the overall structural strength of the timber deck. Your loved ones, guests or clients could be a danger at any time. Keep your family and future business partners safe by contacting the leading Brisbane timber deck repairs professionals in the area. Upon arrival, our team of experts will carry out a thorough inspection on the timber deck, joists, beams and associated structures to identify the possible source of the damage, the extent and the remedies available to you. In the worst case scenarios, it will be cause for an installation of a completely new timber deck which we would be willing and able to do for you. And don’t worry about the cost! All of our timber decks services are charged at competitive market prices making them available to many residents and business owners.

Are your timber decks showing some signs of serious damage? Contact us, the top deck restoration Brisbane experts. As qualified and licensed professionals, we will provide advice from which you can make an informed decision.

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    Deck maintenance: The key to that beautiful all round finish

    As a timber deck owner, you must have realized that over time the coating and finish wear off. There are also those scratch marks left by your pets or by furniture. The key to maintaining a pristine looking deck is to have a regular Brisbane timber decks maintenance service. Of course, the interval at which you call upon this service depends on specific conditions to you: moisture, rate of footfall, weather and the type and quality of timber used on your floors. At Moretons, we offer a free quote for our professional and guaranteed services. Regardless of the size of the job, you can be assured that we use only the best available products and floor finishes available in the market, giving your floors a new lease of life.

    Call upon the timber decking sanding, restoration and maintenance team at Moretons today to ensure your floors are always looking glam.

    Brisbane Floor sanding and oiling specialists

    Floor sanding marks the start of any timber floor restoration process. Sanding involves the removal of the top layer of your old floor boards. At Moretons, we make use of the best available equipment and tools in the Australian market for our sanding procedure. We use a mix of manual and machine deck sanding techniques due to the complexities and shape of a client’s timber deck. Depending on the type and colour of timber deck, we use different grades of abrasive material for our sanding deck service. This ensures that we have only removed the unwanted old surface and also properly evened the floor for the optimal final look. Such small tips are snippets of the expertise of our well trained and qualified experts.

    A complete and thorough sanding service should remove your floor of all defects, especially scratches and marks. It is important to also punch any nails that might have popped up over time. Once satisfied on the sanding, the next step will be the application of the new coating. This is also dependent on the existing damage on your timber decks and also the type of floor boards. Several of our clients might ask for a different colour for their decks. We have at our disposal a wide range of choices available. You can be assured that we only have the top quality finishes and coatings.

    Once you have made your choice, our deck painters will apply several coats of finish over a number of days to ensure that the work is complete and up to our lofty standards. Call Moretons today and get a revamped timber deck within days.

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    Require a fresh coat for your timber decking? Unsure on how to remove those tough stains from your timber boards? Contact Moretons, the timer deck sanding and timber decking restoration business Brisbane locals always call upon. Our experienced deck restoration Brisbane team will offer a custom service just right for your floors.

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