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No other flooring demands your attention like Parquetry, the large choice of patterns and species to choose from we can add the sophistication you require at your new residence or bring the long forgotten elegance back to an old existing parquetry floor. 

Are you looking for unique, elegant and stylish flooring for your residential and commercial space? Believe my words; you can never go wrong with Parquetry flooring. Parquetry flooring Brisbane is growing in popularity among Australians due to the fact that it provides warmth, adds charm, as well as it is a great addition and a perfect fit to both, residential and commercial property. This type of flooring is a tried, tested and reliable type of flooring, which is made by placing the individual pieces of wood together to create uniquely designed patterned flooring. Parquetry flooring is strong, which is why it is very durable and can work really well for daily use. Once it is correctly installed, it can last as long as fifty years, with very little maintenance. Moreover, this flooring is easy to clean and maintain. Regular sweeping and mopping will work wonders. It will neither hold any stains nor absorb odors. For better floor and better future, get Parquetry flooring Brisbane installed.

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Have you made your mind to install parquetry flooring? It is highly advisable to install Parquetry flooring from the leading flooring installers for the best quality and flawless flooring installation. If you are looking for the professional parquetry flooring installers, get in touch with the professional contractors at Moretons. The entire staff at Moretons is licensed as well as all the flooring services are insured and therefore, you can be pretty sure that the work will be carried out in the highest quality. Moreover, Moretons is the proud member of the Australian Timber Flooring Association, which makes them more hireable over the other industry competitors.   

Whether you need flooring for a vintage villa, heritage building, modern apartment or commercial building, parquetry flooring perfectly fits in with every decor. You can choose from a wide variety of patterns, styles, shapes, colors, and sizes available at Moretons to suit your space. Parquetry flooring has a sophisticated look  and therefore, you can mix and match to create a design to match your personality and lifestyle. Experience the royal feel with Parquetry flooring Brisbane because this flooring was popular among the royals. Are you worried if the luxury and grace of Parquetry flooring will drill a hole in your pocket? No, it’s quite economical as compared to the rest. 

Is your parquetry flooring losing its shine? Want to bring back the lost charm or bring to life the newly-installed flooring? It’s recommended to get floor sanding done every 5-10 years to keep your Parquetry flooring Brisbane in perfect shape. We offer floor sanding services to the residents of Brisbane and Southeast Queensland. For the best quality Floor Sanding Wynnum services, contact Moretons today. 

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Make a statement with Parquetry flooring. By installing Parquetry flooring Brisbane, you will achieve clean-looking, attractive and stylish flooring that will last for many years. Don’t compromise, choose the best over the rest. At Moretons, customer satisfaction is what we aim to achieve at the end of every flooring project. Call Moretons today for the best quality flooring at the best price.

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