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Home and Site Preparations

Power requirements 


Professional floor sanding equipment requires real power  

We require 20 amp circuit breakers with the power connected to GPO’s on new sites for Floor Sanding & Concrete Grinding. We usually require two power circuits to run machinery.

Floor sanding machinery can run a maximum of 20 lm from power source, we recommend power be connected to site and GPO’s in service where floor sanding is to be performed.

Dragging power from a site pole through multiple leads is not possible due to current OH&S requirements and the extreme risk of fire and electrocution from damaged to leads.

Generators – when hiring we require a 16 Kva capable of 30 amps continues supply. With a suitable power board with circuit breakers installed and cable long enough to reach from generator into site.

Occasionally we encounter new power boards and circuits that continuously trip – after numerous trips to have machinery checked, tested at our cost. We have found that the leading cause is low power coming into site – eg: 210 v instead of 240 if your electrician has advised of low power please advise us prior our arrival so we can make appropriate changes to our schedules. 


Site requirements

It is the responsibility of Owners & Builders to ensure  new & old sites are completed to lock up state. Ensuring we have an “In service environment” and air tight areas to coat in. It is not possible to apply a coating and get a good finish without windows and doors. All efforts should be made to prevent drafts, manholes to ceilings, ducted air conditioning vents, service vents should be installed. Anywhere a draft or breeze could enter should sealed.

We recommend that sites new & old have window sills and other surfaces dusted & floors swept clean to remove as much dust as possible.  


Access requirements

Due to the large dimensions and weight of Floor sanding machines we require parking as close as possible to the area being worked on. In unit blocks and town houses body corporate should be advised and a position at the unit or lift should be made available. Access through the site will need to be uncluttered and free from obstacles.


Unit & townhouses

Owners please ensure that the Fire Alarms in your unit are isolated, Curtains to protect lift are hung and any security monitoring services the body corporate and all neighbours are notified of our works and body corporate requirements are fulfilled. It is also helpful if the neighbours are made aware of exactly what we are doing and given a chance find something to do while we are completing work.


How much dust will there be

Flooring removals and preparations will create the largest amount of dust contamination to your home or site of all our services. Floor installations require the use of many different power tools & sanding equipment also creates dust the amount will vary depending on the area, timber and surface being prepared. Floor coatings will have very strong to overwhelming vapours that can contaminate food and liquid depending upon the selected coating this will vary. We strongly recommend that immediate and surrounding areas be thoroughly prepared and food items & animals removed.

To help minimize dust we purchased floor sanding & installation equipment with a focus towards dust extraction capabilities and improved quality of finish. Which has resulted in the majority of our equipment being from Germany and where applicable running HEPA Filters through large separators. Although this equipment is extremely efficient compared to other equipment available there is still going to be some dust evident.

We recommend that you apply the following precautions appropriate to the work that you are having completed.



Tools & products required to prepare your home.

Small step ladder, Scissors, utility knife, a roll of 25 mm 50 mm low tack tape, large plastic garbage bags & enough light plastic drop sheets to cover desired areas or items, old bed sheets and tarps.

Remember to leave enough clear access for heavy machinery and product. Sanding & floor laying equipment is large, heavy and awkward it is not possible to pass over furniture or items in the way. Access to a toilet is also appreciated.

  • Kitchen cupboards & other permanent cabinetry can be sealed using a low tack tape usually Blue or Green in colour we recommend a roll of 50 mm & 25 mm for the process. Start at the bottom running a horizontal seam of tape the length of the cabinets then repeat on all horizontal gaps including the top of the cabinets. Then cover the vertical gaps of the doors & draws with tape. We recommend that you leave the roll of tape on the bench as sometimes we need to open low cabinets to get right up to an edge.


  • Remove cars, boats and any other item from underneath the areas being prepared for floor coatings unless there is a complete and proper ceiling installed to prevent drips of coatings damaging possessions below. Alternatively cover with a heavy tarp.


  • Remove Curtains if possible and lay flat in another room or using a coat hanger fold the curtain through the coat hanger and pull a plastic bag over the curtain sealing at the top with tape. Then hang the bagged Curtain from the curtain rod. Please consider that folding a curtain over a coat hanger can result in creasing if this is going to be a problem we recommend removing the Curtain.


  • Light Fittings should be removed where possible to reduce dust collection and reduce the chance of breakage from vibrations. We do not recommend covering the lights with plastic or paper due to fire risk in the event that they are turned on. It is common for fittings directly below areas being worked on to fall.


  • Back up all computers & devices in case of power loss.


  • Fixed kitchen & other appliances can be covered using thin plastic drop sheets. First turn off the appliance at the wall then cut a plastic drop sheet slightly larger than the unit and tapes each corner before applying a seam of tape to the perimeter to prevent any dust getting in.


  • Remove all open food items.


  • Check all appliances are turned off at the wall and or disconnected. Close and lock all windows, doors & cupboards in the bedroom then place old bed sheets or plastic drop sheets over any item that may be affected by dust. Place a rolled up towel behind the door as it is being shut then seam tape the perimeter of the door. Sometimes we will need to open the door briefly to complete the sanding of the edges and corners this is why we recommend covering items in the room.


  • Remove all furniture & fittings and store away from possible dust contamination.


  • Surrounding open rooms that can’t be isolated from dust contamination should either be emptied or have all items covered. It is very important to turn off and disconnect all electrical equipment in these areas to prevent dust contamination.

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