Hoop Pine Flooring Brisbane – Araucaria cunninghamii

Hoop Pine timber floor boards traditionally used in Queenslanders over many years – decades develops a beautiful warm characteristic with dirty blond through to dark browns tones. Floor sanding is often the first thing that is considered when homeowners lift up the carpets and find these beautiful boards. Hoop pine is almost knot free and clear of imperfection making it a desirable and well suited as a timber flooring species. Across Queensland we are number one in the highest quality timber flooring Wellington Point, Victoria Point, Redlands, Manly, Wynnum, Capalaba, Alexandra Hills, Carindale, Carina and Brisbane Wide.



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The Highest Quality Hoop Pine Flooring Brisbane

Flooring is the most important part of any structure, be it our personal space or commercial buildings. Flooring for commercial buildings differs from flooring for your homes. Nowadays, homeowners are looking for ways to improve the look of their homes and give their home a luxurious look. Flooring adds a special touch to any structure and therefore, it becomes extremely important to choose flooring for your homes and commercial buildings wisely.

A good quality flooring enhances the interior design of your homes as well as makes your entire home look intact and stable. Are you looking for an attractive flooring for your home that will last decades? Moreton’s hoop pine timber flooring Brisbane is the best piece of flooring for your home, which will enhance the beauty of your home, at the same time, provide ultimate comfort to your feet. Moretons is the reflection of the quality and therefore, we always look forward to providing quality flooring services to our customers on time and on budget.

Moreton's Hoop Pine Flooring Brisbane

Hoop Pine is a premium quality wood species that is native to Australia, mostly found in New South Wales and Queensland. This wood species yields light and soft even-textured wood, which is generally white or light in colour. Hoop Pine is recognized as a commercial plantation tree throughout Queensland. Appropriate steps are taken to expand the commercial plantation of Hoop Pine with an aim to provide a reliable, economically viable and premium quality wood resource for the industry.

Moreton’s Hoop Pine Flooring Brisbane is made from Hoop Pine which is a softwood. The softwood obtained from Hoop Pine is widely used for furniture making, construction purposes as well as flooring. Moretons is the leading supplier of premium quality Hoop Pine Timber Flooring in Brisbane. Moretons have the perfect flooring solution for both your homes as well as commercial buildings. Moretons Hoop Pine Timber Flooring Brisbane is available in various styles, patterns and sizes which will give your structures clean, fresh and royal look. All of their services are fully insured, moreover, they have QBCC licensed contractors.


Moreton’s are the proud members of the Australian Timber Flooring Association and most importantly, they have an experience in timber flooring and finishing for over 25 years. Moreton’s Hoop Pine Timber Flooring Brisbane is very affordable, lasts long as well as you can customise it as per your tastes. It is a perfect fit for your flooring.

Moreton’s Hoop Pine Timber Flooring Brisbane is available in various colours, right from white to golden yellow to reds and rich browns. Hoop Pine Timber Flooring is perfect for the ones who love the rustic look because of the knots and pin holes that are present on the wood. Moreover, it is much easier to give your flooring a perfect finish in any colour of your choice as Hoop Pine Timber Flooring generally comes unfinished. Hoop Pine Timber Flooring will give your floors a warm glow and classic look. All this makes Moreton’s Hoop Pine Timber Flooring an ideal choice for your floors.

Flooring Services offered by Moreton's

To achieve your dream floor, join hands with Moreton’s. Moreton’s offers a range of flooring services at your doorstep at the most competitive price.

Timber Floor Installation

Moreton’s being the first choice of locals for timber floor installation services is a high-quality timber flooring company based in Australia. We offer a range of high-quality flooring services. Our dedicated team of experts will provide you with the best flooring services exactly the way you want. 

Do you wish to add ambiance and class to your home or commercial buildings? Style your home and add class and ambiance with different types of wood, colours, styles and patterns with the help of the excellent team at Moreton’s. The excellent, highly trained and qualified team at Moreton’s makes sure that timber floor installation is done perfectly without any haste to complete the task. We ensure that there are no gaps between the boards and everything is accomplished in a secure manner. 


To achieve the best results from timber flooring, you should choose the best timber floor installation, floor sanding and floor polishing. If either of these procedures are not done effectively, your timber flooring will be less desirable as well as it will also affect its durability. Join hands with Moreton’s to achieve perfection in flooring with Moretons.

Timber Floor Sanding

Have your floors lost its shine and look tired? Bring back the lost shine and charm of your floors with Moretons. Moreton’s Timber Floor sanding helps to achieve a beautiful and smooth finish which lasts for the longest possible time. Though Timber Floor Sanding is a long process, it is an important step that should not be missed as floor sanding brings back your floors to life. 

Timber floor sanding not only intensifies the colour of your timber floors but also highlights its natural beauty. If floor sanding is not done properly, your floor may look patchy and uneven as well as you may start noticing scratch marks on your floor. Poorly sanded floors reduce the life of the coating, which means that you will have to recoat it sooner as well as it may result in the varnish feeling. Therefore, it is necessary that you choose the right person to get Timber Floor Sanding done for your structure. 


Moreton’s is a dedicated team of experts that offers the best products and flooring service at the best price. Our dedicated and specialised team of floor sanders can lighten up your old and dull-looking floors as well as unveil the natural beauty of your worn-out floors. A smooth floor with no drum marks indicates that floor sanding is done effectively.

Do you wish to install the highest quality Hoop Pine Timber Flooring Brisbane has to offer, that lasts long as well as easy on your wallet? Contact Moreton’s to get the best quality flooring at affordable rates for your home or business to your doorstep.

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