For the first two weeks after the final coating is applied we do not recommend mopping the floor or putting door mats or rugs on the floor. Windows should have a Uv blocking tint applied to them to prevent direct sunlight hitting the floor. All furnishing that are likely to be moved on the floor – chairs, tables, cabinets – should have a suitable felt floor protector applied. No heavy items – fridges, dishwashers, pianos, or any other item that has wheels or feet should not be pushed or dragged across the floor.

By looking after your new Timber or Cork floor with regular cleaning it has been proven to extend the life of the floor two to three times if cared for properly. Some coatings manufactures have developed ranges of cleaning products to help clean and prolong the life of coating systems we apply. Products are available upon request.

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Before cleaning your floor check that the vacuum cleaner head has no metal or hard worn plastic edges or surfaces that could scratch your new floor. We recommend that if you have a metal or worn vacuum head that it is removed and disposed of thoughtfully to prevent accidental use in the future.

What you will need

One large electrostatic dust mop with removable cover for easy cleaning.
One quality vacuum cleaner with a brush head.
One quality sponge mop that can be wrung completely out
One heavy duty plastic cleaning bucket with raised feet – cheap thin plastic buckets can transfer heat from hot water used to clean the floor leaving rings on the floor
Coating Manufactures recommended cleaning product. If unavailable select a Ph neutral cleaner.

How to

Vacuum the floor thoroughly. Boil a kettle with about 2lt of water in it. Pour boiling water into bucket and add selected cleaner to the water. Submerge mop and allow mop to heat up then ring the mop out until no water drips off or is left behind when the mop is pushed across the floor. If there is water being left behind there is too much water on the mop or the water is only warm. Re boil kettle and start process again


By using boiling water it will reduce streaking on the floor. Most hot water system will not be hot enough.
Do the kitchen area first and last to help remove greases from cooking etc.
A small three bedroom home will require 3 to 4 water changes.
Regularly replacing the sponge on the mop helps reduce streaking.
Use Ph neutral cleaners diluted as per manufactures recommendations.

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