Engineered Flooring

Our engineered flooring is a layer of dressed wood, which is laminated to a cross directional hardwood ply backing. It can be installed either by floating timber floors over the sub floor, or fixing it using adhesive and nails over most sub-floor systems. There is a choice of prefinished or raw boards available, with each having advantages. If you do choose our raw floor boards, we offer a premium sanding and polishing service which can apply a large


Blackbutt – Eucalyptus pilularis is a species that grows in abundance in the coastal forests in New South Wales and southern Queensland. The common name is derived from the distinctive black, charcoal look that is only on the base of the trunk. The timber is renowned for both its strength and versatility of application. Blackbutt is a straight grained timber, a mixture of cream to pale brown, sometimes with a slight tinge of pink.


Spotted Gum – Eucalyptus Malculata a large native hardwood grows along the Nsw coastal fringe into Queensland. Soft mottled colours caused as the tree sheds elliptical strips of bark , striking backsawn grain, attractive fiddle backs are all part of why Spotted Gum is highly sort after for use in timber flooring


European Oak – Quercus robur / Quercus Petraea is naturally pale brown – yellow. Excellent staining properties enhances a broad range of staining options. When clear coatings are applied to enhancing Oaks natural elegance and sophistication a general warmth will flood the room. Oak, a clear stand out for today’s modern homes.

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