Timber Floor Sanding


Moreton’s, timber floor sanding is focused on providing high quality sanding and preparation prior the application your selected coating system. Our attention to detail accompanied with the best timber floor sanding equipment available, enables us to give you a finely finished floor every time. Our machinery is maintained to the highest of standards and is purchased or retrofitted with high-capacity dust extraction systems to reduce airborne contaminates.   

Sanding and Polishing

Whether you want to take advantage of an existing timber floor or bring to life recently installed floorboards, we have a finish to suit your needs. To make a feature out of your timber floor you will need more than just quality products. You will need a professional floor sanding team to prepare the timber before coating can be applied. Our team provides the highest quality service for your floors in Capalaba, Wellington Point, Victoria Point, Redlands, Manly, Wynnum, Alexandra Hills, Carindale, Carina and Brisbane wide.

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Moreton’s – Top Priority for Quality 

Conformance to ATFA quality assurance can make a great difference to the way of floor sanding your timber flooring. It covers inspection, evaluation, preparation, safety measures, and implementation of sanding procedures. At Moreton’s, we set the standards that assure and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Our timber specialists can inspect the floor for defects before sanding. Moisture, mold, and mildew could be hidden deep inside where you can’t see. Plus, we detect brittle material, worn-out sections, and other defects. Then we prepare a remedial list.

At Moreton’s, we believe in saving your time and money. So, our evaluation covers troubleshooting, preparation, material plan, and of course the quote. We ensure faster service at the most competitive price you can think of.

Lighting, power, and water are the things we need at the sanding site to ensure smooth work and solid quality. We can handle the tasks of cleaning the site. Avoid any painting and polishing work before we sand the floors.

Floor Preparation – What We Do

Our first task is to remove all the defects we find during floor inspection. Then we decide on the sanding sequence based on the floor structure. We eliminate dust and debris to ensure smooth work. We also dry the floor and remove all the existing defects. 

Our specialists can perform sanding tasks in three distinct stages. In the first stage, we use coarse sand to eliminate all the bumps and scratches on the floor. After flattening we sand along the floorboards to make the surface ready for final floor sanding.

Finally, we use the sanding machines to complete the procedures. We follow unique sanding procedures for the Australian beech, Messmate, native oak, brush-box, Jarrah, and other types of floors. We ensure the proper use of grits sequence to finish the floor according to your choice. 

At Moreton’s, we choose experienced specialists, high-tech tools, high-quality materials, and time tested methods. Selection of the right grit type and abrasive grade helps us to eliminate all the peaks and valleys.

The timber floors sanded by Moreton’s will become ageless and aesthetically perfect. We follow all the ATFA quality guidelines to prepare the floor for the next stage of polishing. 

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