Mixed Hardwood Flooring

Mixed Hardwood is a mix of Australian Hardwoods. The timber is a mix of mainly Eucalyptus trees from Australia’s east coast. Mixed hardwood offers the largest possible range of colours and figure varieties. Boards differ from light to dark shades, from pale to rich colours and from red to brown hues. Mixes of light blond & cream coloured boards or mixtures of darker reds & brown boards are available.

Flooring being the most important part of any structure, it reflects our personality and makes every structure beautiful, infusing your space with a touch of class. Do you want to achieve a striking floor? At Moretons, we have a plethora of options in floorings, out of which the most striking one is the Mixed Hardwood Flooring. Investing in good flooring like Mixed Hardwood Flooring is crucial because our floors are exposed to wear and tear every now and then.

Mixed Hardwood Timber Flooring Brisbane
Mixed Hardwood Brisbane

Why choose Moretons for Mixed Hardwood Floors?

Moretons is a leading supplier of exceptional quality timber and cork flooring services in Brisbane. Being in this business for over 20 years, we have got our skills polished as well as our expertise developed and therefore, we would help you to achieve that perfect finish. You can put your trust in us because our company is known for providing high-quality flooring services and good customer service to all our customers. Our experts accomplish the task that has been taken over enthusiastically by them with utmost perfection. 

Highly-qualified experts at Moretons will provide you with all the information needed before making a final flooring selection as well as guide you to make the right choice depending upon how you envision your floor to be, your needs, requirements and budget, without compromising on the quality of the service we offer. 

Bring sophistication and warmth of real timber in the form of Mixed Hardwood Flooring to your home.

Make a unique statement with Moretons.

Mixed Hardwoods Flooring Brisbane
Mixed Hardwood Flooring Brisbane

Mixed hardwoods commonly used in many older homes throughout the Redlands and greater Brisbane regions vary from floor to floor. Some floors will be light, others a mixture of lights and darks. Many floors will consist of Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Iron Bark and Blue Gums most are usually select grade. Sanding these floors and finishing in Impact oil or Hardwax is always an excellent choice for enhancing beauty and at the same time protecting the floor from wear.

Why Hardwood?

Mixed Hardwood Flooring is the amalgamation of all different species and colours of Australian hardwoods. The timber used for creating Mixed Hardwood Flooring is mainly an intermix of Eucalyptus trees found in Australia’s east coast. Moreton’s Mixed Hardwood Flooring offers a wide variety of colours and figures ranging from pale to rich colours, dark to light shades, red to brown hues as well as a mix of light blonde and cream or dark red and brown are also available.  This mix is randomly selected by the mill to create a striking floor and give your floor a stunning effect with which you would fall in love. 

What makes Mixed Hardwood Flooring the best choice for your floor is the dissimilarity in appearance and properties of timber with which it is made. Features like knots, insect trails, gum veins and pockets are visible in each plank, which gives your flooring a more natural effect. 

If you are looking forward to getting your Mixed Hardwood Floor installed on your own, you are highly mistaken because this is not a DIY task. After Hardwood Floor installation, you will need to get Timber Floor Sanding done to achieve the best results. Only a well-experienced flooring installer will be able to install the flooring flawlessly and conduct the post-installation steps to help you achieve a flawless looking, clean and shiny floors. 

Mixed Hardwood Flooring not only helps to create a unique statement but also makes your home look classy. The beauty and durability that comes with Hardwood cannot be matched with other floorings. Moreover, timber that is used for Mixed Hardwood Flooring is a renewable resource, only a responsible amount of wood is harvested from a mature tree.

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