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One of the most popular hardwood flooring surfaces all over Australia is Spotted Gum Flooring, it is widely known for being incredibly beautiful, tough, and impressively durable. Spotted Gum Flooring will grab your attention and you are sure to fall in love with this flooring surface. Talking about its usage in the past, Spotted Gum Flooring was being heavily used for various purposes like making agricultural machinery, shipbuilding, construction as well as timber floorboards. This flooring is a preferred choice for decks and flooring in industrial, residential, and commercial sites. Spotted Gum timber, which is used for flooring and other purposes, is naturally grown in the forests of New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. For active families and those with pets, Spotted Gum Flooring is a perfect choice because this hardwood flooring has very high durability and can withstand heavy traffic.

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Do you want to have the stability of the engineered flooring along with the beauty of solid timber floorboards? Then, Spotted Gum Flooring should be your ideal choice as it makes incredible flooring for your property. Spotted Gum Flooring is not only environmentally friendly but also quite easy on your wallet. For increased durability, great performance, and immaculate end results, it is quite crucial for Spotted Gum Flooring to be of the finest quality, as well as it should be installed by following correct procedures and methods and finished rightly. If you are looking forward to installing Spotted Gum Flooring for your property and need high-quality products and best installation services, get in touch with the reliable and experienced team at Moreton’s. 

New South Wales Spotted gum grows along the New South Wales coast into Queensland. NSW Spotted gum has very consistent colouring. It is a great hardwood selection for timber flooring due to its consistent colouring and beautiful grains. Applying Impact oil or Hardwax to protect it is a great choice of coating.

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    When it comes to timber floor installations and timber floor sanding, Moreton’s  has been in the field for over 25 years placing them amongst the elite. Whatever you need, right from the supply, delivery, installation, or sanding, all your flooring needs will be taken care of by Moreton’s. One of the customers’ most liked and best-selling floorings is Moreton’s Spotted Gum Flooring. In order to ensure sustainability for our Spotted Gum Flooring needs, we source our own logs. The Spotted Gum Flooring is sourced by Moreton’s from the Eucalyptus Maculata, which is a large native hardwood that grows along the NSW coastal fringe into Queensland. Moreton’s Spotted Gum Flooring is available in a wide range of colors like creams, rich browns, and brown with grey undertones. Moreton’s Spotted Gum Flooring is highly favored by the customers because it can easily resurface, as well as it is easy to deal with. Depending on your preferences and home’s interior design, you can paint, polish, or stain it.

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