Warren from Wynnum Manly an astute renovator and keen fisherman working on his latest restoration contacted Moretons Timber Floor Sanding to complete his timber floor sanding project. The original polyurethane coatings had seen better days, requiring the floor to be stripped back to raw timber. After the timber floor sanding process was completed, semi-gloss polyurethane was applied to Stunning Mixed Hardwood floor boards making them a stand out feature of this renovation. Might you be like Warren? A homeowner, realtor or property manager residing in the Brisbane area and in need of floor renovation service?

We are the number one business in wooden flooring, offering the highest quality services to potential customers in Victoria Point, Wellington Point, Redlands, Manly, Wynnum, Capalaba, Alexandra Hills, Carindale, Carina and Brisbane Wide. We pride ourselves in the ability to bring back your floors aesthetic and classy look. Moreton’s team of timber deck sanding specialists are a call away from providing service that is unmatched in the Brisbane area.

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  • With over 25 years of experience in the wooden flooring industry, Moreton’s guarantees professional and comprehensive service to every customer.
  • All timber floor polishing, installation and sanding services are implemented by our well-trained and qualified team of experts whose attention to detail and care is in a class of its own.
  • Every team member from Moreton’s is fully insured in compliance to state regulations.
  • In addition, our trained crew of professionals is sufficiently drilled in work safety precautions that should be adhered to at all times. Proper protective clothing and gear will be worn.
  • We pride ourselves as the top-rated supplier of quality products and service to homes and businesses in the Brisbane suburbs.
  • Wynnum residents have provided reviews of the quality, professional and prompt service provided by our team. They are quick to respond to issues when called upon and always on schedule once an appointment is set.
  • At Moreton’s, we offer our service at competitive prices that fit all budgets. Don’t worry if your budget is tight.


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    Physical deterioration. Like all items under the sun, continuous use leads to slow decay due to wear and tear. Timber floors are not an exception to this rule. Typically, the original sheen that you once associated with your timber floors is long gone as time passes. In need of a top rated company within Brisbane to provide this service? To return that wooden deck to its former glory? Then call upon your local Brisbane flooring professionals at Moreton’s to bring that shine back.

    Floor sanding begins with the preparation of the space to be sanded. Moreton’s team of professionals will undertake a detailed examination which includes inspection, evaluation, safety measures and the implementation tasks. This is with accordance to Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA) quality assurance standards. After the removal of existing debris and flattening of the floorboards, the last step in floor sanding is the application of a suitable coat or finish. The quality of the finish is improved by the use of the latest high-tech equipment, high quality products, and tried and tested methods. Our years of experience in the business have identified unique procedures which we apply on the different wooden floors in the market.

    Floor polishing is another floor resource highly associated with floor sanding. The benefit of floor polishing is two-fold. First, remember that jar of pickles or jam you dropped and it created an impossible stain on the floor? Polishing allows for the use of expert techniques to removes such marks. Secondly, it regains the lost shine. Being a market leader among floor polishing Wynnum experts, Moreton’s makes use of specialized polishing machines and apparatus on our clients’ floors. This allows for a uniform polish throughout, even in the hard to reach places. In addition, our professional team makes use of the proper chemicals and finishes to maintain the shine of your floor. For instance, which oil based product would you use on an Australian beech wooden floor? Don’t make the choice without consulting the flooring polishing professionals at Moreton’s.


    Take advantage of our additional wooden floor services that go hand in hand with our sanding and polishing services. The same trusted and local professionals will avail their expertise to deliver unparalleled wooden floor service.


    Tired of those cold cement screed floors? Or do your family members keep sliding on those ceramic tiles? Have you ever considered some wooden floors? Maybe it is time you got one. Installing wooden floors has never been easier and stress free. Whether your home is in Wynnum West, Manly or any other part of Wynnum, Moreton’s team of wooden floor experts is ready to meet your demands and needs. We are the leading wooden floor installation experts in the wider Brisbane, Queensland region. Our professional team will take care of the demolitions and remodel the space. Using the latest equipment, best locally available products and at market competitive rates, you will have a wooden floor installed and finished professionally.


    Timber floors are known for the durable service that they offer proprietors. As time passes though, they start to show signs of old age. Sometimes, due to unique or underlying circumstances, timber can become victims to mold, moisture or even termites. It is an effect of that vibrant sub tropical Australian climate that we enjoy. What it calls for, is for you to return the favor to those floors. Here is where Moreton’s floor repair and restoration services come in handy. Make that call and receive a free quote of the renovation of your old wooden floors. Our timber specialists will provide a comprehensive assessment of the renovation process. Show your floors some love and attention by hiring the top rated Wynnum and Brisbane floor experts.


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