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floor sanding brisbane.


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Focused on providing a complete flooring solution for your site or home with our range of beautiful quality products. With styles and sizes to suit any space, you’ll be able to install a great looking, long-lasting floor solution to your room. Moreton’s is a leading supplier of high quality timber and cork flooring in Brisbane. We provide premium installation and floor sanding services to clients throughout the south east. Whether you’re after stunning timber floors or contemporary cork tiles, we have the perfect flooring solution for any space. Offering quality timber flooring services Victoria Point, Wellington Point, Redlands, Manly, Wynnum, Capalaba, Alexandra Hills, Carindale, Carina and Brisbane Wide.

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Our Team

Our team has the experience and attention to detail to achieve your vision. With over twenty years of installation and finishing experience our skills have been fine-tuned, ensuring you get a quality finish every time. Our craftsmanship and professional manner, makes us stand out from industry competitors. .


Our Products

We supply, install and apply products selected to give the best finish in their respective category, barriers, adhesives and fixings systems on proven performance. We offer competitive rates and can tailor a system to suit all budgets and floor requirements. 


Our Service

Customer service is our top priority and we strive to achieve effective, client-focused outcomes. Moreton’s are insured, QBCC licensed contractors and proud members of the Australian Timber Flooring Association

Providing Quality Queensland flooring solutions to Brisbane and South East Queensland for over 25 years. 


Floor Sanding Brisbane

Floor Sanding

Our specialists perform floor sanding tasks in three distinct stages. In the first stage, we use coarse sand to eliminate all the bumps and scratches on the floor. After flattening we sand along the floorboards to make the surface ready for final floor sanding.

Finally, we use the sanding machines to complete the procedures. We follow unique sanding procedures for the Australian beech, Messmate, native oak, brush-box, Jarrah, and other types of floors. We ensure the proper use of grits sequence to finish the floor according to your choice.

Our timber specialists can inspect the floor for defects before sanding. Moisture, mold, and mildew could be hidden deep inside where you can’t see. Plus, we detect brittle material, worn-out sections, and other defects. Then we prepare a remedial list.

At Moreton’s, we believe in saving your time and money. So, our evaluation covers troubleshooting, preparation, material plan, and of course the quote. We ensure faster service at the most competitive price you can think of.

Floor Polishing Brisbane


Are you looking for a deeper and brighter timber floor finish? Do you want the floor to sparkle your spirits forever? Call Moreton’s today for an attractive floor polish that is durable and lively. We assure and deliver the best quality polishing services according to the ATFA quality assurance standards. 

Moreton’s Floor Polishing 
We choose the men, material, and the methods we deploy for our timber floor polish with precision and care. Safety is our top priority. We ensure the floors are free from slips, oily layers, scratches, and other exterior damages. 

Years of industry experience and continuous training are the two key elements which make our team specialists in timber floor polishing. We can customize and personalize our services to match with any type of timber from River red to the Australian beech.
We can personalize our polishing with the most attractive colors from golden oak, maple pine, and ebony to cherry and mahogany. Aesthetics will be at its best after the timber floors in your home get the magical touch of Moreton’s.

Timber Flooring Installation

At Moreton’s, we use the most naturally seasoned timber to install your home floors. We follow the ATFA quality assurance standards to deliver the highest quality in Australia. Structural stability, load capacity, high resistance, and durability are some of the features we ensure.  

We can cover the cellar, ground-floor, garage, and every part of your home where you need timber flooring. Safety comes naturally through the structure of the floor we install. The materials we use for the sleeper-wall, wall-plates, joists, and the floor-board have gone through the toughest tests of ATFA standards. 

Our planning for safety covers optimum thickness, tensile strength, expansion and compression factors (seasonal), moisture and dampness resistance, and protection from mold and mildew. Our engineers can create the most optimized floor designs according to your requirements. 

Our planning for splendid covers fabulous designs, bespoke colors, outspoken patterns, and breathtaking finishes. We can recommend the colors based on the wall and ceiling in your home. We aim to make your home complete with the design of your dreams at the most affordable price for timber flooring ever.

Engineered Flooring

Consistency, quality, durability, and adorability are some of the finest features of Moreton’s engineered flooring installation. Dimensional stability can ensure maximum endurance to stress and load. Our floors can withstand the harshest climatic conditions and still stay in good shape. We use genuine hardwood for the top layer which can enhance the interior décor quality of your home. 

We bring you a vast range from across Australia like the iron-bark, River-red, Forest-red, Rose-gum, and others. Our specialists can ensure luxurious outlook. Our flooring adds value to the interior designs of your home. 

We can match the color and style of the engineered floor with the walls and ceilings of your home. It makes a perfect combination to complete the aesthetics and ambiance within your living space.

Cross-grain configuration of Moreton’s flooring is rated as the best in Australia today. It is because of the load-carrying capacity that exceeds others. We can install the flooring on any type of grade-level with precision.

Cork Flooring Brisbane

Cork Flooring

You have always dreamt of living in a home that is naturally warm during winter and cool during summer. You have always wanted your home to be a part of nature. Now, it is time to realize your dreams with Moreton’s Cork flooring. We deliver the strongest and the most durable floors with the most aesthetic appeals. You can rejoice the most beautiful floor décor forever. 

Moreton’s Cork Flooring – Resilient and Resistant

Once we install Moreton’s quality cork flooring in your home, it ensures resilience for load and stress. You may install all kinds of heavy furniture and fixture on the floor. It can withstand heavy loads and endure the toughest climatic conditions. 

Our cork floor can breathe fresh oxygenated air into your living space. It creates an ambient atmosphere in your home which makes life livelier than ever before. It is resistant to water, paints, oil, and other forms of liquids and chemicals. So, any accidental spillage can never spoil the floor. 

We ensure thermal insulation for your entire living space with our cork flooring. It can absorb the heat from the air and store it for days. So, your feet and body remain warm even during the coldest seasons in Australia. 

parquetry flooring brisbane

parquetry flooring

The excellence of our parquetry flooring is in its quality, durability, flexibility, and diversity. Your home floor appears naturally beautiful. You will be perplexed by the patterns and colors. The ambiance created by Moreton’s parquetry is something beyond words. Experience it today.

Living in the warmth of your home is an experience you would love to rejoice forever. Our parquetry floor is the most influential factor which can accentuate the elements of luxury, sophistication, and blissfulness in your home.  

We can suggest the most fabulous parquetry floor design for ensuring structural stability, tensile strength, load capacity, and resistance to the elements. The construction of our parquetry floors happens after the wood goes through several technological processes. The result is an excellent material which lasts for centuries. 

We bring you the most sophisticated parquetry which is processed to retain heat during winter and keep you cool during summer. The natural effects combined with oxygenated air can keep your family perfectly healthy during all the seasons. 

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