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A timber floor only looks great when it has that brown rich, deep tone and shine. Anything that strays away from that ideal look has it looking drab and dull. To make it worse, your timber flooring might be covered with scratches and marks caused by your over-excited Labrador and occasional drop of a utensil. When you add in the wear and tear and the lack of maintenance over the years, your Brisbane timber floors are looking dreadful, patchy and grey. It’s time to bring back that shine to your floor with the trusted and experienced floor sanders Brisbane depends on.

Flooring Sanding Brisbane
Floor Sanders Brisbane

Well, it’s your lucky day. Moretons Brisbane floor sanding and floor polishing team has the finest floor restoration experts in the whole of the Queensland area. Offering customized service to Brisbane and the Redlands area, our local floor sanders Brisbane have been sanding and polishing timber floors for over 25 years. The standard of our workmanship can be attested by residents and business owners who are now owners of gleaming floors. All of them are qualified, licensed and fully insured.

All matters considered, a timber flooring sanding and polishing procedure is a good option when considering restoring your timber decks. The other option considered is usually a complete renovation of your Brisbane timber floor which can be quite costly. At Moretons, we are always concerned about our clientele. That’s why all our services are offered at competitive market pricing rates, making our floor sanding polishing procedure a much sought service.

If you are looking to give your timber floors a new lease of life, our floor sanding and polishing process is perfect for you. Whether cork, timber laminate or parquet flooring, our floor sander Brisbane team is more than able to bring the gleen back. Contact us today and get briefed by our friendly customer service team of our affordable services.

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    The ideal timber Floor Sanding service

    Having offered our floor sanding polishing service to over a hundred satisfied clients in the Brisbane, we boast the skill and the detailed service that we offer. We have perfected the art and know the right products and equipment to use on a given floor. Sanding floors has to be done correctly to ensure that our polishing Brisbane service has the intended effect on your timber flooring on your old floor boards. Our floor sanders Brisbane are the best in the business and you can be assured of a thorough service, removing any marks and tough and stubborn grit.

    Our Brisbane floor sanding process starts with an inspection of your timber floors. As a renown floor sanding and polishing business, we take it as our duty to properly advise our clients on the best course of action. Our floor sanding experts will carry out an analysis of your floors to determine the extent of damage and advise you accordingly. It is only once they have ascertained that floor sanding is the required procedure that they can continue with the process.

    Once furniture and other movable objects are removed from the work space, our professional floor sanders will begin with punching any exposed nails that may cause damage to our sanding equipment. We then take note of any holes on your wooden floor by adding putty. We usually add in some colour for a matching and even finish.

    Our floor sanding professionals will then choose from our equipment the best for the sand and polish procedure. We have with us belt sanders, edgers and buffing machines guaranteed to get the job done.

    A key concern among our new clients is the presence of dust during the sanding process. It is a worthy concern due to the particles created due to the abrasion of our sanding equipment and tools on your timber floors. During our floor sanding Brisbane procedure, we make use of equipment with a dust minimization feature. We have installed such elements to help catch dust particles which are inevitable. We also tend to have the doors and windows open so as to have adequate ventilation. A greater degree of concern is directed towards the electronics in the space. Our sanding and polishing experts always ask our clients to cover any electronic products adequately. This ensures your television, gaming consoles, home theatre systems and computers are kept damage free.

    Revitalizing Brisbane floor polishing

    To bring back the character of your old timber floors, our floor sanders Brisbane recommend polishing of your sanded floor boards. Polishing floors involves the use of a sealer and several coats of the desired finish. To ensure that we have our customers well-being in mind, we only use non-toxic products. Our floor sanding and polishing experts have analyzed that such products have a less strong odour and thus is considered much more safer.

    To complete the process on your timber floor, we usually top off with a top-coat. This comes recommended for both residential units and commercial spaces. The top-coat adds in that extra shine and also doubles as a deterrent against marks and scratches.

    Why are Moretons are the floor sanders Brisbane locals rely and trust on?

    • Floor sanding equipment and tools. For that quality floor sanding procedure, our experts use only the latest equipment and tools. This ensures the removal of the previous coating, marks and hard to remove grit. The end product of the sanding process is an even and smooth sand floor ready for application of coatings and finishes.
    • Wide range of finishes and coating. With Moretons, you can order your floors done in a variety of possible finishes. Over the years, we have amassed a broad range of finishes suitable for the different types of timber floors available.
    • Customized Floor sanding Brisbane service. Our floor sanders Brisbane sand floors with the goal of providing a unique service to each of our clients. No job is too small or big for them.
    • Affordable service. Our floor polishing and sanding services are all offered at competitive market prices with no compromise in workmanship. Contact us today and experience the best service in the whole of the Queensland region.

    Restore your timber floors with a sanded and polished look

    It is our pride at Moretons to provide an immaculate service that will have your floors looking beautiful and fantastic. Get in touch with our sanding experts today via call or email and get a free quote for our comprehensive procedure.

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