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Moreton’s timber floor sanding received a call early in February from Peter one of the original hall builders seeking advice on timber floor sanding.  The hall was constructed  by the local farming community and opened on the 27th of August 1977. As part of the restoration and extension new 85 mm Select grade Mahogany timber floor was installed to meet up with the existing Select grade 25 mm Brushbox timber flooring.

Moreton’s commenced the restoration in March by punching off nearly 20 000 nails and rough sanding using our Lagler Super Humel a 300 mm / 12 inch belt sander to ensure a super flat cut. When the nail holes and end joins had all been filled the fine sand and buffing process was completed using a the ultimate in finishing machinery the Lagler Trio before a final high speed buff.

Timber Floor Sanding Capalaba Restores Outdated Floors

After considering how the floor would be used and maintained Loba Hard Wax Oil was selected to protect and maintain the timber flooring. The first coat of Hard Wax Oil was applied using a trowel and buffed in using a Lagler Single a low speed rotary buffer. The following day the floor was prepared and the final wear coat was applied by roller.  To get an easy quote for your timber floor sanding please use the Quick quote button on our home page. We are the leading quality timber floor sanding service provider in Capalaba Victoria Point, Wellington Point, Redlands, Manly, Wynnum, Alexandra Hills, Carindale, Carina and Brisbane Wide.

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